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It’s not often that we see TV series centered around the lives of black people - in this case, a black teenage girl. So when that happens, we take notice!

A new show on BBC3 that I’m only just now learning about, titled Some Girls, stars Adelayo Adedayo and centers on the lives and loves of a group of quirky 16-year-old girls who play on the same school football team and live in the same inner city neighborhood.

Any of our Brit readers watching this? What’re your thoughts on it thus far?Some Girls

Continuing pre-festival highlights from the upcoming African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) - the festival’s 20th edition, to be held in Manhattan from November 23 to December 11

From Brook Bello comes the feature documentary, Survivor - a film about life after the physical, emotional, mental abuse suffered under sex-slavery.Brook Bello

We covered filmmaker Mohamed Dione’s short film Maffe Tiga - starring Dione and Marie Josephine Zoumanigui - exactlyMaffe Tiga a year ago, last November, and since then, it’s been screened at several film festivals around the world.

Nelsan Ellis is also a director for those who weren’t already aware; last year, we featured an ambitious short film he directed titled Page 36, which I saw at the ABFF last summer, and was impressed by. Damn Wonderful Documentary

As far as we know, there are at least 5 film projects in the works based on either the life of MLK, or some significant period during his 39 years on this planet.

The only one that has seemed like a sure-thing is the Oprah Winfrey/HBO/Steven Spielberg/DreamWorks project that has the backing of King’s estate. It’s the only one with the Estate’s approval that we’re aware of.

However, it looks like one of the other 4 might be back in motion after a lengthy stay in Limbo. Last we wrote about the Paul Greengrass-directed MLKassassination pic, Memphis, which was once a sure-thing, the studio backing it, Universal Pictures, had backed out of financing and distributing the film.Memphis

Award-winning producer/director/writer Stanley Nelson, who won 3 Emmys last year for his documentary Freedom Riders, tackles auto-tune forFocus Forward - a new series of short documentary films that “highlight noteworthy people, and world-changing ideas that have impacted the course of human development, or with great potential to significantly affect how we live in the next generation.The Auto Tune Effect

A short film to start the new week, courtesy of the Black Women Of Brazil blog. It’s titled Cores e Botas (Colors anCores Botasd Boots), and comes from Juliana Vicente.

Lenny HenryDenzel Washington won a Tony Award for his performance as conflicted patriarch Troy Maxson in August Wilson’s Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Fences; now Brit Lenny Henry will attempt to make his own mark on the role, but across the pond, when the the Theatre Royal Bath in the U.K. will put on Fencesbeginning February 18, 2013, through March 2, 2013.

Omari Hardwick